5x10 Shipping Campaign

Campaign on the Feniex 5x10 promise. Produced multiple videos for this campaign beginning with pre-production/storyboarding all the way through shooting and editing. The series is focused around a recurring character "Kevin", the lovable dino who just can't seem to get the message right. 

Chamber 09

Co-Produced video series called Chamber 09. The chamber was designed by marketing and built out by the engineering team as an entertaining way to test and prove that our products can withstand the elements such as: water, heat, and vibration. Each video in the series includes a 4th outlier test where we get a little extreme. Putting products through the shooting range, freezer, hydraulic press, steamroller plus more to come! Will they survive we don’t know, thats the fun part.

Feniex Off-Road Division

Lead producer of the campaign launch for the Feniex Off-Road division. Creative focus was to show how Feniex's line of emergency products integrates perfectly with off road vehicles facing rough terrains. Where high quality products are a main selling point for Feniex customers; live-action proof was needed to show that these products can withstand elements such as dust, water and vibration. 

Public Works Division Launch

Primary point person for the launch of the Feniex Public Works division. Produced, directed, shot & edited the entire pubic works series. This involved heavy location scouting, scheudling and organization.

"For Every Emergency" Series

Produced, directed, shot & edited an on-going video series called “For Every Emergency”. As a marketing team we are always trying to reach new customers and increase brand awareness. I wanted a way to show our products being used in a completely unique way. So I came up with this series to demonstrate that no matter the emergency, Feniex is there.