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The "5x10" Shipping Campaign

Dinosaur in the Shipping Department
Feniex Industries was rolling out faster shipment methods of 5 and 10 day turnarounds for customer orders. Often times, it's a challenge to come up with interesting ways to relay, somewhat, underwhelming news. However, this was a big deal for Feniex and its' dealer network. We needed a fun way relay this promise of faster shipments that would really stick with our customers, and get them excited! I produced, shot and edited this series beginning with pre-production/storyboarding all the way through shooting and editing. The series is focused around a recurring character "Kevin", the lovable dino who just can't seem to get the message right; this series ended up being a favorite of mine to produce.
5x10 Shipping Campaign

5x10 Shipping Campaign

Chamber 09 Series

Flame Throwers and Hydraulic Press
Co-Produced, shot and edited this video series called "Chamber 09" for Feniex Industries. With every purchase came the promise of Feniex products being able to withstand intense outdoor conditions. Therefore, our marketing team always looked for ways to prove our products could "take the heat". 
I was inspired by YETI's branding, and how they absolutely demolish their coolers to prove how great they are. So I pushed forward with this product testing chamber series idea! I knew this would set our brand apart from competitors, so I did not take "no" for an answer when roadblocks occurred.
After 4 months of pre-production including: gutting out a shipping container, decal design, late night home depot runs, and a lot of help from our engineering team; we officially had an entertaining way to test and prove that our products could withstand the elements such as: water, heat, and vibration.
Each video in the series includes a 4th outlier test where we get a little extreme. Putting products through the shooting range, freezer, hydraulic press, steamroller plus more to come! Will they survive we don’t know, that's the fun part.