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Texas Sports Videos

Texas Baseball Intro Video 2016

Produced, scripted, compiled shot list, directed, co-shot, and edited this piece; to be played every home game for baseball fans on the video board.

Texas Women's Basketball Intro Video


Lead producer, director and editor for this piece. To be played every home game for basketball fans on the video board.

Coming Soon: Feature on Texas Track and Field Decathlete, and Musician, Wolf Mauler. 

 Texas Women's Soccer 2017

Shot and Edited recap against Colorado  [Sept 8, 2017]

Texas Women's Soccer


Shot and edited feature on Texas's Soccer Program.

Texas Women's Soccer

Team Intro Video 2017

Texas Men's Golf


Shot and edited feature story on Scottie Scheffler.

Texas Women's Tennis

Longhorn Invitational 2013 

Shot and edited highlights from the matches at the Penick-Allison Tennis Center. 

Texas Softball

2014 season preview 

Shot and edited this wire segment featuring head coach Connie Clark and select players.

Texas Softball 2013

Shot and edited a behind the scenes wire segment; for a day in the life of athletic trainer Kimberly Detwiler. 

Texas Volleyball 2013

Traveled and worked as the videographer and editor for UT's volleyball team as they explored different countries throughout Europe; including Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro. They played seven games against four national teams during this trip. This is the final 3-part series edited for 

Shooting Work
Additional Cinematography Samples 

Served as a shooter for these pieces. Edited by another video staff member.

Texas Football

Sights and sounds: Texas Football vs. Notre Dame [Sept. 4, 2016]

Texas Track & Field

Sights & Sounds: The 90th Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays [April 4, 2017]

Texas Rowing

Sights & Sounds: Texas Rowing Invite [March 27, 2017]

The Off Season Series

Texas Track and Field student athlete, Mohamed Deyaf showcases one of his many talents in The Off Season.

Texas Rowing

Hook'em Trains with Texas Rowing. September 2017

Texas Softball

2016 team intro video.

Texas Men's Basketball

2014-15 team intro video.

Campaign Videos
Longhorn Foundation Campaign

Produced, written, shot, and edited for the Longhorn Foundation Membership Challenge 2016 Campaign. A five part series, all shot on location. 

University of South Carolina Sports

Carolina Sports

South Carolina Football Signing Day Video 2012

**All clips are property of Gamecock Productions**

Baseball Season Opener Video 2012

Edited to highlight the past two national championship seasons. **All clips are property of Gamecock Productions**

South Carolina Men's Soccer 2011

Edited a recap of the game against Wake Forest; how the coach and team adjusted for a 6 hour rain delay. **All clips are property of Gamecock Productions**


South Carolina Men's Soccer 2012 season opener against Elon.

Shot and edited footage from a seven camera shoot with coach and player wires. **All clips are property of Gamecock Productions**

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