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Reality Series

"Gamecock Confidential" Reality Series - Softball & Soccer


The "Gamecock Confidential-Softball" series was a six part, seven week process, produced by Gamecock Productions. Other segments from the men and women's soccer series were edited as single episodes intended for the Fox Soccer Network. 


"Gamecock Confidential" Softball-Episode One

Segments edited include "Snow Day" beginning at 8:30 and "Indoor Facility Practice" beginning at 10:40

"Gamecock Confidential" Softball-Episode Two

Segments edited include "Hannah Milks" beginning at 4:10 and "Softball Clinic" beginning at 10:05

"Gamecock Confidential" Softball-Episode Three

Segments edited include "Team Scrimmage" beginning at 12:05

"Gamecock Confidential" Softball-Episode Four

Segments edited include "Freshman" beginning at 4:44, "Taco Day" beginning at 6:08, and "Pitcher Catcher Relationship" beginning at 6:40.

"Gamecock Confidential" Softball-Episode Five

Segments edited include "Equipment meeting" beginning at 2:38, "Fan Day" beginning at 4:27 and "Team Scrimmage" beginning at 5:07

"Gamecock Confidential" Softball-Episode Six

Segments edited include "Second game of the season v. Furman" beginning at 7:07, and "Bloopers" segment at 18:49 


"Gamecock Confidential" Women's Soccer

Segments edited include "Kayla Grimsley" beginning at 3:40, and additional "Kayla Grimsley" segments at 7:56 and 11:07 and the final segment "Team as a Family" beginning at 19:18

"Gamecock Confidential" Men's Soccer 

Segments edited include "Leadership with Vance Benson and Steven Morrisey" beginning at 1:40, "Team Culture and Expectations" beginning at 5:00, "Wake Forrest Rain Delay" beginning at 9:13, and "Team Progress" beginning at 16:46.

"Gamecock Confidential" Men's Basketball: Back to the Basic - Sneak Peek

Reality show on the Gamecock men's basketball program. Back to the Basics features the players trip to Fort Jackson; the team thinks they are there for a tour, but are quickly thrown in to a series of vigorous exercises as drill sergents take them around the camp. As a shooter for this piece, my camera was wired to one of the drill sergants. This episode was was held secret during production time, until it aired on WOLO ABC Columbia. Our team later won a Regional Emmy Award for this piece in 2012. *All Rights Reserved: PLEASE DO NOT CLIP IT OR RE-PURPOSE ANY FOOTAGE FOR USE IN OTHER VIDEOS*

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