Wolf and Ashtin Mauler Wedding Videographer & Editor

Matt and Hannah Moldenhauer Wedding Videographer & Editor

"Escape Room" Credits: 
Director/Producer - Bejan Faramarzi
Director/Writer - Cory Goerke
AD - Fiat Lux
DP - Austin Marti
Editor - Chelsea Parler
Boom Op - Jason Bostic

Jason - Avery Merrifield
Daryl - Trevor Seits
Becky - Tate
Sarah - Natasha
GM - Chase Baker

"High Kids" Credits: 
Director/Producer - Bejan Faramarzi
AD/Writer - Maggie Burger
Boom Op - Zach Bachand

Jack Dullnig
Tristen Riggs

Film Festival

Chief editor for "Scare" submitted for Austin's 48 Hour Film Festival [July 2014]
This short film was conceptualized, written, shot and edited all within a 48 hour time period.

Director/Producer - Bejan Faramarzi
Writter - Amy Langton
Executive Producer- Prakash Gandhi Natarajan
Assistant Director-Jacob Miguel
Director of Photography- Tyler Mann

Editor - Chelsea Parler
VFX- Dam Kim, Jacob Hilton
Composer - Mitch Bowman

Editor for a Youtube channel called Black Hole Humor. Segments edited so far include "High Kids" and Escape Room".