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Digital & Social Marketing Campaigns
with Camp Gladiator

Project Breakdowns

As the lead producer, videographer and editor for Camp Gladiators outdoor, online, and on-demand fitness platforms; I've helped build, pitch and implement video strategies for various events and campaigns.

Daily collaboration with internal stakeholders was required to execute creative concepts for all fitness & nutrition campaigns, gear & product launches, fundraisers, testimonials, recruiting, CG events and much more. With each project I worked closely with our organic social team, email, digital ad team, web/UX team, graphic designers, gear & events team, and trainer nation to ensure overall brand consistency and growth.

Additional responsibilities include: script writing, storyboarding, shot-list creations, camera and lighting set ups, interviewing, recording voice overs, event and fitness class coverage.

Digital & Social Ad's

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Camp Gladiator Nutrition Launch

Camp Gladiator quickly launched its' nutrition program in August of 2022. 

This 'all hands on deck' marketing initiative rolled out alongside our a biggest annual sale of the year. Needless to say, we had a lot on our 'plate' and a short period of time to execute!

Initially we weren't planning for a launch video; but I felt it was necessary to give our customers and clients a sneak peak into what our new program offered.

I scripted, recorded a voice over, and edited this final piece; which was soon utilized by our entire trainer nation of over 2000 trainers.

 Click to view the full video below.

Gear & Product Launches

Recruiting & Testimonials

CG Brand & Recruiting 2022 Video

Trainer Success Stories

Camper Feature Story

Day in the Life of a Trainer Feature

Events & Fundraisers

Camp Gladiator NEXT 2021 Conference Recap

CG Games Prelims Hype Video

CG Games Prelims 2022 Recap

CG Games Prelims Course Walkthru

CG + CG Victory Fundraising Event

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