Feature Stories


"Carolina News"

Examples of some videos shot, written and edited during my senior semester program at The University Of South Carolina.


CCPAC Music Video

Shot and edited the Central Carolina Performing Arts Center dancers performing to Melissa Etheridge's "Run For Life". This was produced as a cancer awareness piece for Relay for Life.

"Game Day with Mark Slice"

Excerpt from the "Carolina Baseball" magazine show; shot and edit for South Carolina's news station. 

This video features Mark Slice, the game replay director for Gamecock Athletics. (video padding at beginning and end for show line-up) 

"Apple Eduction"

Feature on ipads, and the effect they have on students in the classroom (high school and college). This excerpt is from "The Age of Technology" magazine show, researched, shot and edited for South Carolina's news station.

Charlie Todd's "Improv Everywhere-MP3 Experiment"

Shot, and edited this wire segment about a prank mob that hits the streets of Columbia, SC.